Memorial Day of Rev. Andrei Rublev (17/07)

The year of birth of St. Andrei Rublev is not known, nor is his origin known, historical information about him is scarce. The presence of his nickname-surname (Rublev) makes it possible to assume that he came from educated circles of society, since only representatives of the upper strata wore surnames in that era. It is generally accepted that he was born around 1340-1350.

The whole life of St. Andrei Rublev is connected with two monasteries: Trinity-Sergius and Spaso-Andronikov in Moscow. Tradition dating back to the 16th century sees in him the spiritual son of St. Nikon of Radonezh; in spirit, St. Andrew is undoubtedly a disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

Living in a highly spiritual atmosphere, monk Andrei learned both from historical examples of holiness and from examples of ascetic life that he found in his environment. He delved deeply into the teachings of the Church and into the lives of the saints whom he depicted, followed them, which allowed his talent to reach artistic and spiritual perfection.