Memorial Day of the Fallen for the Independence of Vietnam (27/07)

Every year on July 27, Vietnam celebrates Independence Memorial Day (Vietnamese: Ngày thương binh liệt sĩ).

All over Vietnam, preparations are underway for this day. Youth, workers, the army are busy beautifying military cemeteries. The families of the heroes are given gifts, including cash benefits.

On this day, locals pay tribute to the memory and honor those who died or were injured in various wars in which Vietnam was a participant. At the same time, undoubtedly, one of the most terrible wars in terms of the number of victims was the war of 1957-1975, which began as a civil war in South Vietnam, and then North Vietnam was drawn into it.

These hostilities constituted the largest armed conflict in the post-World War II era and posed a threat to world peace. This war claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese fathers and sons and left behind many military invalids.