Victory Day in Estonia (23/06)

On June 23, Estonia celebrates a public holiday - Victory Day in the Battle of Võidupüha, accompanied by important official commemorative events and ceremonies.

On June 23, 1919, Estonian troops repulsed the attack of the German Landeswehr troops and won in the city of Vynnu (Cēsis, Northern Latvia) during the War of Independence.

The Battle of Võnnu (Est. Võnnu lahing) is one of the main battles during the War of Independence, when the struggle for the independence of the Baltic states was going on. The battle, which began on June 5, took place in the north of Latvia, not far from the city of Cesis, which was captured by the Germans. And its decisive part took place in the period from June 19 to 23, 1919 between the Estonian armed forces and the troops of the pro-German Latvian government.