Slovenian Statehood Day (25/06)

Every year on June 25, Slovenia celebrates a national holiday - Statehood Day (Sloven. Dan državnosti), established in memory of Slovenia's independence in 1991 and its secession from Yugoslavia.

On this day - June 25, 1991 - the Slovenian Parliament announced the independence of Slovenia and its secession from Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia did not recognize independence and introduced troops, as well as reinforced police forces.

So, on June 27, a ten-day war began, which ended with the victory of Slovenia and the recognition of its independence by Yugoslavia. I must say that the war for the independence of Slovenia ended with relatively few losses compared to other Balkan republics.

In addition to Statehood Day, Slovenia also has Independence and Unity Day, which is celebrated on December 26th. These days, solemn meetings and festivities are held throughout the country.

Also on June 25, 1991, the day Slovenia declared its independence, the Bank of Slovenia was founded.