International Olympic Day (23/06)

Every year on June 23, the world celebrates International Olympic Day (International Olympic Day), in memory of the revival of the Olympic movement in its modern form.

The idea of establishing a special holiday dedicated to the Olympic movement around the world, and which would allow people to tell about the basic Olympic principles, was first heard at the 41st session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Stockholm in 1947, and a year later at 42 th session of the IOC in St. Moritz, this project was officially approved.

The following event served as a historical prerequisite for choosing the date of the holiday. In June 1894, the International Athletic Congress on the problems of physical education was held in Paris, in which representatives of 12 countries participated. On June 23, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, an enthusiast for the revival of the Olympic movement, presented his report. In it, he introduced the audience to the organizational foundations of the Olympic Games developed by him.