Start of post « Day » (23/06)

A post called « All Day » continues from June 23 to 28 ( 2 — 7 degrees Cancer ).

The mystery of this post is connected with the knowledge that there is Light and that there is Darkness, that is Evil, and that is Good. This is a time to overcome seduction, to purify thoughts, for it is with the cleansing of thought that liberation from any desecration and evil begins. The secret meaning of these days is — the protection of elements and natural spirits from attack by dark forces.

At the heart of the Zoroastrian universe is the idea of the trinity of good thought, good word and good deed. This chain of creation begins with a good thought, the mystery of which is lost during this post.

Therefore, during the fasting period, believers are advised to devote these days to thoughts about the essence of Being, about life, about the battle of Good and Evil in the world.

The name of the post « These days » is due to the fact that Zoroastrians have the most revered good animal — dog, and the post itself continues during the period, when the sun goes down 2 — 7 degrees zodiac sign Cancer.

When the Sun enters 1 degree Cancer, the — fire element dog comes into force; at 2 degrees Cancer — air dog — raven; 3 degrees Cancer — earth dog — dog; at 4 degrees Cancer — water dog — beaver; at 5 degrees Cancer — plant element dog — raccoon; at 6 degrees Cancer — animal element dog — mongoose; at 7 degrees Cancer — dog element man — hedgehog.