Independence Day of Georgia (26/05)

Independence Day of Georgia ( load. დამოუვიდებლობის დ ¡ე ) — the main public holiday in the country.

Since the 19th century, Georgia has voluntarily been part of Russia. On May 26, 1918, the democratic government of Georgia, led by Noe Jordania, proclaimed the country's independence. It is this date that is celebrated today as the Independence Day of Georgia.

The first independent Democratic Republic of Georgia lasted until March 18, 1921. During this time, 23 European states ( Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Soviet Russia, Turkey ), Asia and Latin America ( Argentina, etc. ) recognized Georgia de jure.

In 1921, the Georgian SSR was formed, in 1922 it became part of the USSR first as part of the Transcaucasian Socialist Federal Soviet Republic ( ZSFSR ), from 1936 to 1991 — as a union republic.

On March 31, 1991, a referendum was held on the restoration of state independence of Georgia. The referendum was attended by 90.5% of voters, of which 98.93% voted for state independence. On April 9, 1991, on the basis of the results of a popular referendum, the Supreme Council of the Republic adopted the Act on the restoration of state independence of Georgia, proclaiming the Act of Independence of 1918 and the Constitution of 1921 valid. The post of President of the Republic of Georgia was also introduced.

On Independence Day, which has been an official holiday in Georgia since 1991, the main celebrations are held immediately in two cities – in the capital, Tbilisi, and in the second largest city in the country, Kutaisi. In the capital, this day is traditionally celebrated by the parade and a grand concert, while in other cities of the country there are also many mass entertainment and cultural events.