Day of the reunification of Primorye with the Fatherland (15/09)

Every year in Slovenia, September 15 is celebrated as the Day of the reunification of Primorye with the Fatherland.

Slovenian Primorye ( is the word. Primorska ) — western Slovenia, which has historically been part of the country. It is adjacent to the Adriatic Sea and consists of two historical areas — Istria and Goritsa. Prior to the formation of Yugoslavia, these lands were part of the Habsburg crown edge of the Austrian Primorye.

By the beginning of World War I, the population of Slovenian Primorye was more than 300 thousand inhabitants. As a result of the war, these lands were occupied by Italy and included in its composition, despite fierce battles and defeats on neighboring fronts.

Within the framework of the Paris Peace Treaties system, which entered into force on September 15, 1947, an agreement was signed between Yugoslavia and Italy, according to which Italy ceded to Yugoslavia a significant part of the previously occupied Yugoslav lands: most of the Gorishka Territory, the section of the Trezhash Territory, Istria — south of the Mirna River to the sailing islands.

Therefore, today, September 15, Slovenia celebrates their reunion with the Fatherland.

The holiday of the reunification of Primorye with the Fatherland is dedicated primarily to the memory of those who participated in the defense of Primorye on both sides of the Italian border, including the partisans who have been operating in this territory for a long time after the occupation.

On this day, solemn rallies and concerts dedicated to the event are held. At the state level, the holiday has been celebrated since 2005, however, is not a day off.