Memorial Day of St. John the Compassionate, Pechersky (31/07)

Rev. John the Compassionate, Pechersky, labored in the Kiev Pechersk Lavra.

The henpecked said that he suffered a lot from his youth, tormented by the lust of the flesh, and nothing could save her from — neither hunger, nor thirst, nor heavy beliefs.

Then the reverend went to the cave, where the relics of Rev. Anthony were repaired, and earnestly prayed to the holy carv. A day later, long-suffering John heard a voice: « John! You need to shut up here, at least with ignorance and silence to weaken the abuse, and the Lord will help you with the prayers of His reverend ».

Since that time, the saint settled in a cave, and only after 30 years he defeated carnal passion. The struggle was tense and cruel, the reverend went to victory. Sometimes he wanted to leave the shutter, but then he decided on an even greater feat. The Holy Warrior of Christ dug up a hole and, with the onset of Great Lent, climbed into it and poured himself with earth to his shoulders. He held the whole post in this position, but the heat of passion still did not leave his hard flesh.

The enemy of salvation brought fear upon the ascetic, wanting to drive him out of the cave: a terrible serpent, breathing in flames, showering with sparks, tried to swallow the saint. The actions of the evil one continued for several days. On the night of the Resurrection of Christ, the serpent captured the head of the reverend in his mouth. Then St. John called from the depths of his heart: « Lord my God and my Savior! Why did you leave me? Have mercy on me. You, the Only Selfish, deliver me from my bad lawlessness, so as not to get bogged down in my network of the hostile, deliver me from the mouth of my enemy: flap lightning and drive it away ». Suddenly lightning flashed, and the serpent disappeared.

The Divine Divine shone of the ascetic, and the Voice was heard: « John! Here is your help. Listen to yourself from now on so that the worst does not happen to you, and you will not suffer in the next century ». The saint bowed and said: « Lord! why did you leave me to suffer for so long? ». « By the power of your patience, — was the answer, — I made you tempted to be scorched like gold, the lord assigns hard work to strong and strong servants, but weak and weak — light. You pray for yourself buried here ( Rev. Moses Ugrin ), he can help you in this struggle: he is higher than Joseph ( Beautiful ) ».

Rev. John the Compassionate died around 1160, drawing grace against prodigal passion. Holy relics rest it in the Anthony Caves.