Gahanbar Ardvisura Anahita (10/07)

Ardvisura Anahita's Gahanbar, celebrated on July 10, when the Sun goes through the 19th degree of Cancer, is a special holiday, one of the seven Great holidays - Gahambars. It marks the merging of man with nature and immersion in harmony.

The holiday is dedicated to the goddess Ardvisura Anahita, who is the embodiment of femininity, love and beauty. In Iranian mythology, she acts as the goddess of fertility and heavenly waters, which nourish all springs, give rise to rivers, make the land flourishing and fertile.

It is believed that Ardvisura Anahita provides assistance to those who pray to her for the sending of forces, but satisfies the requests of only those who are pure in heart and soul, refusing their patronage to the servants of evil. Not only people, but also Zoroastrian deities - Izedas - bow before the splendor of the beautiful Ardvisura Anahita.