Festival of Amertat and the Fire of the Kings (15/08)

The holiday of Amertat and the Fire of the Kings is celebrated in Zoroastrianism on August 15, when the Sun enters the 23rd degree of the constellation Leo.

Amertat (Immortality, infinity) - Amesha-Spenta, protecting the life of everything that should be born: people, animals, plants. It is associated with overcoming death, fears, development of creativity. As the patron of love, he guards children in the first seven years of their life. Where there is fun, laughter, joy, there is always a touch of his wing.

Amertat is the patron of the vegetable kingdom, personifies immortality, infinity. The tree has always been a symbol of eternity, as well as its planting - a symbol of the laying of the background, traditions and deeds that will outlive us.