Kshatra-Varju holiday (10/09)

Gahanbar is followed by the festival of Kshatra Varyu (Shahrivar).

This happens on September 10-11 when the Sun passes through 18 degrees Virgo. On this day, warriors, blacksmiths, and masons are honored. It is supposed to work with metals, to consecrate weapons.

Ordeals are arranged: plaques are cast from molten tin directly on the chest of the participants in the competition. And if a man is truly strong (that is, he has a powerful and controllable etheric body), then this will not cause him any harm, there will be no burn.

According to the ritual, coarse food (the food of warriors) is laid - stews, cereals from coarse grains, as well as spicy - onion and garlic.

14 lights are lit, two parallel rows of 7 pieces are possible.