Sade Festival (23/09)

Sadeh Festival — is one of the most important Zoroastrian calendar holidays — on September 23, when the Sun is located at 1 degree of the Libra. He is part of the triad of the greatest holidays of the year along with Nouruz and Mihrgan.

Autumn equinox for Zoroastrians — sad time to part with the Sun and heat. They perceived the cold winter as a temporary death of nature, meaning a short triumph of the forces of evil, and autumn equinox, after which the sunny day goes on the decline — as a transition point, a symbolic line, behind which a new time comes.

Summer has passed, everything that should have borne fruit and is now dying, losing its former form. But vitality is transmitted to fruits and seeds. Sade embodies the law, according to which some forms are destroyed, being replaced in a different natural, harmonious way. This law is very important for people.

Zoroastrians believe that he should also work harmoniously in the inner and external world of man. In order to fight evil, it is necessary to make a choice towards good and light, and autumn equinox was perceived by Zoroastrians as an opportunity to make such a choice to those who have not yet decided.

As a symbol of separation of grains from chaffers, grains of valuable experience from — spent material eat seeds on this holiday, instead of wine they drink pomegranate juice and milk. And the holiday itself is preceded by a special post.

Light 8 — safety lights on the sides of the world.

Festivities last from noon to sunset. Read the prayers of Ahur — Mazde and Mitra — to the patron of law and order.