Sade Festival (23/09)

Sede is one of the most important Zoroastrian calendar holidays and falls on September 23, when the Sun is at 1 degree of Libra. It is included in the triad of the greatest holidays of the year along with Nouruz and Mihrgan.

The autumnal equinox for Zoroastrians is a sad time of parting with the Sun and warmth. They perceived the cold winter as a temporary death of nature, which meant a short-term triumph of the forces of evil, and the autumn equinox, after which the solar day is waning, as a transition point, a symbolic line beyond which a new time comes.

The summer has passed, everything that should have borne fruit and is now dying, losing its former shape. But the life force is transmitted to the fruits and seeds. Sede embodies the law according to which some forms are destroyed, replaced by others in a natural, harmonious way. This law is very important for people as well.