US Coast Guard Day (04/08)

August 4 is a professional holiday in the United States - Coast Guard Day. This day was approved in America by the Council of Ministers in 1790.

It was on August 4 of that year that the US Congress, under the leadership of Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, was authorized to begin building the country's fleet. At that time it consisted of only 10 boats. And the Coast Guard was created as the Revenue Cutter Service and until 1967 was subordinate to the US Department of the Treasury, and then the US Department of Transportation. Today (since 2003) the Coast Guard is subordinate to the US Department of Homeland Security. And its motto is Semper Paratus (from Latin “Always ready”).

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is an integral part of the US Armed Forces and is designed to monitor the implementation of federal legislation and ensure the safety of ships in the waters of the high seas and in the country's inland waters.