Mahanbar Mitra (15/10)

The Gahanbar of Mitra falls on October 15 when the Sun passes 23 degrees of Libra.

Mitra embodies the principle of justice, order and law. It regulates all human relations in social life.

Zoroastrians are very responsible for their words and contracts. It is considered a rule to look after the interests of a partner before one’s own, in the course of one’s activity not to harm living beings, the elements, to start business at the right time for this, which is determined by astrologers.

The celebration takes place at night before sunrise: this is the time of choice, renunciation of evil, delusions. It is supposed to drink haoma (wine with juices, spices, etc.), eat halva. But eating meat is prohibited.

On this day, vows can be taken. It is appropriate to light 5 fires.