Mitra's holiday (20/12)

The Feast of Mithras falls on December 20 and 21.

Mithra (Mithra) - the patron of justice, the all-seeing eye of Asha - truth. Mithra is associated with the Sun, more precisely, with the sun's rays, from which no lie can hide. He monitors the fulfillment of duty, the observance of order, the establishment of harmony and balance. Mitra strictly observes the law, it cannot be circumvented or bribed. Finally, it is Mitra who punishes those who violate the law, who administers justice.

Mitra is the organizer of not only the social, but also the natural cosmos. He is connected with the waters, with the sun, he is the owner of wide pastures and the filler of waters, thanks to him it rains and plants grow.