Spring Equity Day (20/03)

Spring equinox ( Vernal Equinox ) — is one of the most unique natural phenomena, the essence of which, in scientific terms, comes down to, that « at the moment of equidistance, the center of the Sun in its visible movement on ecliptic crosses the celestial equator ». In 2022, spring equinox occurs on March 20.

Simply put, on this day, the Earth, revolving around its imaginary axis passing through the poles, simultaneously moving around the Sun, is in such a position with respect to the lamp that the sun's rays, carrying thermal energy, drop in suspension on the equator. The sun passes from the southern hemisphere to the northern, and these days in all countries the day is almost equal to night.

In spring and autumn equinox are considered the astronomical beginning of the corresponding seasons. The time interval between the two equinoxes of the same name is called the tropical year. This year today is accepted for measuring time. In the tropical year, approximately 365,2422 sunny days. That's because of this « approximately » the equinox every year falls at different times of the day, moving forward every year for about 6 hours.

On the Day of Spring Equity, the New Year begins for many peoples and nationalities of the Earth: Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan — almost all countries of the Great Silk Road connect the beginning of the new year with this phenomenon of nature.

On this day, light and darkness are equally divided. In ancient times, when there were no calendars, spring was determined by the sun. It was believed that it was from this day that updates in nature begin: the first spring thunder, swelling of the kidneys on the trees, violent germination of greenery.

The day of spring equinox was especially revered in the pagan faith. It was believed that on this day in the annual cycle of Spring, personifying the revival and revival of nature, replaces Zima.

As you know, when the Sun passes from the northern hemisphere to the southern, the autumn equinox — September 22 or 23 comes.