Day of Remembrance of the Genocide of the Greeks of Asia Minor (19/05)

On May 19, the Greek people celebrate a tragic date in their history - the Day of Remembrance of the Genocide of the Greeks of Asia Minor. On this day, the Greeks mourn and mourn their compatriots who became victims of the merciless extermination committed by the Ottoman Turks in 1916-1923.

At the beginning of the first millennium BC, the standard of living and culture of the Greeks were so developed that there was a natural need to expand their influence. The Greeks willingly began to travel the world, and the first Greek city, Sinop, soon appeared on the southern coast of the Black Sea. Trebizond, Kromna, Pterius, Kitor were founded next ... Soon, all the southern and northern Black Sea coasts became almost completely Greek (the territory of modern Turkey and the Caucasus, from the city of Batumi in the east to Inepoli in the west, that is, approximately 140 thousand square kilometers).

The flourishing of trade, science and culture began. The Greek population carefully preserved traditions, customs and customs. One city helped another, thereby contributing to the growth of new colonies, which were created not only in the coastal strip, but also in the depths of the mainland. Over time, the Pontic state began to develop independently of the rest of the Greek lands. Their own coin was minted, the language was isolated ...