Ginaikratia is a women's festival in Greece (08/01)

The day of January 8 can be called without exaggeration the Greek analogue of the Russian women's holiday on March 8. Although, strictly speaking, the meaning of Ginaikratia is a little different.

On January 8 in Greece, mainly in the cities of Monoclissia (Monocclissia) and Nea Petra (Nea Petra), as well as in many villages and villages in the northern part of the country, the women's festival Ginaikratia (Greek γυναικοκρατία) is held.

On this day, family roles are exchanged in families: women are freed from the usual household chores and spend their day in "kafeteniya" (cafes) or other public institutions - places of entertainment and recreation, where only men are usually allowed to be.

Husbands at this time are ordered to be at home, do housework, look after children.

In recent years it has become more of a tradition than a festival. It is not surprising that the festival has a more understandable name - the Festival of Female Domination or the Festival of Matriarchy.