State founding day in Japan (11/02)

« Remember the foundation day of the state, raise a heart loving country » — this is the motto-losung defined for the founding day of the state ( yap. 建国 記是 の 日, Kenkoku Kinen-no Hee ) by law « On national holidays ».

The holiday is celebrated in Japan annually on February 11 and is a nationwide day off.

The Japan History Book, which has been leading the chronicle of the state since the Nara period ( 710 — 794 ), says that the day of the founding of the Japanese state is the day of ascension to the throne of the first emperor of Japan — Dzimmu (. In the transition to the Gregorian calendar, this date was February 11, 660 BC.

The first emperor of Japan has the dates of government: 660 — 585 BC, and his name opens a long list of rulers of Japan.

The founding day of the state was officially included in the list of national holidays of Japan in 1966, and entered into force in 1967.

Most of the Japanese — patriots of their country, but they naturally do not care about the political coloring of the holiday. If the holiday falls in the middle of the week, then the Japanese spend it in families, with parents, friends, devoting the winter day to sports, trips or other hobbies.