Day of employees of the diplomatic service of Azerbaijan (09/07)

Every year on July 9, Azerbaijan celebrates the professional holiday of all diplomatic workers of the Republic — Day of employees of the diplomatic service of Azerbaijan, established by a resolution of President Ilham Aliyev on August 24, 2007.

The decree of the head of state literally says: « Given the role of national diplomacy in creating the first Democratic Republic in the Muslim world and the process of building an independent Azerbaijani state at the present stage and guided by the adoption on July 9, 1919 of an interim instruction on the secretariat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Of the Republic of Azerbaijan, I decide to annually celebrate July 9 as a professional holiday for employees of the diplomatic service bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan ».

The country has the Law « On the diplomatic service » № 137-IIG of June 8, 2001, which establishes the legal basis for the organization of the diplomatic service, which is one of the types of public service in the Republic of Azerbaijan, legal status of civil servants in the diplomatic service.

The law defines the diplomatic service as professional activities of citizens in the relevant state bodies implementing the foreign policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The priorities of Azerbaijan’s foreign policy currently include, first of all, strengthening the sovereignty and independence of the country, maintaining territorial integrity within the framework of internationally recognized borders. In addition, the priorities are the continuation of the implementation of all major international projects that are the initiator and participant of Azerbaijan, as well as the further development of mutually beneficial cooperation with all international actors, including states, their unions and international organizations.

On their professional holiday, all employees of the diplomatic service and structures receive congratulations from friends, colleagues and management.