Mabon (22/09)

The day of the autumnal equinox Mabon (Mabon), celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere on September 22, has two aspects: firstly, it is the liberation from everything old and obsolete, and, secondly, the tribute to the deceased members of the female half of the family.

The name Mabon comes from the name of the character of Welsh mythology Mabon ap Modron, who symbolized male fertility in the cycle of myths about King Arthur. Witches did not celebrate this sabbat, nor did Ostara, until the Scandinavian invasion of England. On the day of Mabon, many sorceresses make themselves new staves and carve runes from elm wood, a custom that came from the Druids.

The autumnal equinox is the second of two days in the year when day equals night in the Wheel of the Year. This is also the traditional harvest time, which is associated with the preparation of wild or green fruits, gifts of Mother Earth.