Day of Physical Culture and Sports in Azerbaijan (05/03)

Every year on March 5, Azerbaijan celebrates the national sports festival — Day of Physical Culture and Sports, established by Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated March 4, 2005.

Physical culture and sport help to improve a person, contribute to improving human health and the efficient functioning of the workforce, which ultimately contributes to the overall economic progress of the country. Sport — is one of the most important sectors of the social sphere.

There are many popular sports in Azerbaijan, and national wrestling is also developed. Football and chess are considered the most popular and beloved in the Republic.

It is believed that the game of chess was popular in Azerbaijan even before the adoption of Islam, the first mention of this game in the country dates back to the 6th century. The head of this intellectual game is the Chess Federation of Azerbaijan. In total, there are 26 federations in Olympic sports in Azerbaijan.

At all times, it is people who are healthy in spirit and body that make up the pillar of society. Sport not only gives health, it tempers character and will. Today, a healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular among Azerbaijani youth. And this is not just a tribute to fashion, but the desire of people of all different generations to maintain youth and health.

Thousands of Azerbaijanis consider this Day of Physical Culture and Sports their holiday: someone is a professional athlete, someone — an avid fan, and someone just likes to go jogging in the morning or do exercises.

According to tradition, on this day, many different sporting events take place throughout the country, as well as educational events that promote a healthy lifestyle and sports and physical education.