Day of a specialist of educational bodies of the Armed Forces of Russia (11/09)

Every year on September 11, since 2007, employees of the educational structures of the Armed Forces of Russia celebrate their professional holiday - the Day of the Specialist of the Educational Work Bodies.

The order of the Secretary of State - Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, who introduced this professional holiday, noted that it was on this day in 1766, signed by Empress Catherine II, that the Charter of the Cadet Land Corps was approved, which were first introduced the positions of educator officers.

First of all, the official duties of the officers-educators of the Cadet Corps then included "promoting success for the good of the Fatherland." In other words, educational work, in modern terms, was based on patriotic principles. And these principles of educational work have been preserved for many decades in the Russian army and in military educational institutions that are part of the armed forces.