Day of the Horned God of Britain (18/10)

The Day of the Horned God of Britain is an ancient pagan holiday. This forest deity, responsible for the fertility and fecundity of plants and animals, had many names and was known far beyond the borders of Britain.

In Wales he was called Ato, the Horned God; in Windsor Forest, Ernie the Hunter; sometimes he was also called Cernunnos. However, they were aspects of the same deity and his powers. But no matter what name he wore, no matter how he was depicted, he had one invariable distinguishing feature - deer antlers on his head, and, according to legend, he was the manager of nature.

Locals claim that Ernie the Hunter still roams the woods around Windsor Castle. Someone saw him galloping through the woods on a fire-breathing horse.

In modern times, in some places in Britain, the Great Horn Festival is celebrated in the fall. Men walk the streets with deer antlers attached to their heads. This is a reminder that the ancient forest deity controls the fertility of forest animals and plants.

This god opens the Gates of Life and Death, is the Great Father, the Master of all Nature. The Druids knew him as Hu Gadern, the Horned God of fertility and fruitfulness.