Celebration in honor of Ephesus ( Korsun ) Icons of the Mother of God (22/10)

In the city of Ephesus ( lat. Ephesus ) kept the icon of the Mother of God, written by the holy evangelist Luke.

In 988, October 9 ( in the old style ), a list from this icon was brought from Korsuni to Kiev by the holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir and was called the Korsun Icon.

Later, this icon was transferred to Novgorod, and from Novgorod — to Moscow, to the Kremlin Assumption Cathedral. Another similar image of the Mother of God was brought from Greece to Russia in 1162 by Rev. Euphrosyne Polotsk.

Saint Euphrosyne founded the Spassky monastery in Polotsk. When she found out that there were icons in Greece written by the evangelist Luke, she sent rich gifts to the Greek emperor and patriarch Luke Chrysoverg with a request to send her this icon. The holy image was sent from Ephesus to Russia.

Icon was taken through Korsun, and at the request of the inhabitants of this city, she stayed there for about a year, also called Korsun.

In 1239, the daughter of the Polotsk Prince Bryachislav, Alexander, marrying the Holy Blessed Prince Alexander Nevsky, took this icon to the city of Toropets.