World Anesthesia Day (Day of a resuscitation anesthetist) (16/10)

World Anesthesia Day (World Anaesthesia Day), which is celebrated in many countries annually on October 16, is traditionally considered their professional holiday by anesthesiologists and resuscitators and all specialists in this field of medicine.

Anesthesia is the loss of nerve sensation. Artificial anesthesia is used for anesthesia during surgical operations, dental treatment, injuries, etc., as well as in other areas of medicine.

The history of this field of medicine began in the middle of the 19th century - on October 16, 1846, the American dentist Thomas Morton performed an operation under ether anesthesia. Thus, for the first time, the successful use of anesthesia to create general anesthesia was publicly demonstrated. He used diethyl ether inhalation as an anesthetic. Therefore, October 16 is considered to be World Anesthesia Day.