Day of the employee of the State Audit Service of Ukraine (26/01)

On January 26, Ukrainian auditors celebrate a professional holiday – Employee Day of the State Audit Service of Ukraine. It was previously known as the Day of the Audit Service employee, due to the fact that the Law № 2939-XII « On the State Audit Service in Ukraine » was signed on January 26, 1993.

The control and audit service was included in the system of state executive authorities of Ukraine, and its functions were determined: conducting audits and inspections of financial activities, the state of preservation of cash and material assets, the reliability of accounting and reporting, as well as audits and checks of the completeness of the capitalization, the correct spending and preservation of foreign currency funds in ministries and other executive bodies, in state funds, in budgetary institutions, at enterprises, in institutions and organizations, who receive funds from the budget and from state currency funds.

The main task of the state control and audit service is « to exercise state financial control over the use and preservation of state financial resources ... and to comply with the law at all stages of the budget process ».

In December 2010, according to the Decree of the President of the country « On the optimization of the system of central executive bodies », the control and audit service was reorganized into the State Financial Inspectorate of Ukraine, which was reorganized into the State Audit Service in 2015.

On their own professional holiday, employees of this public service not only receive congratulations from management and colleagues at special events, but also summarize their work.