Kadrin day in Estonia (25/11)

Cadrin Day in Estonia — is one of several holidays related to spirits that have survived to this day. Kadri — patroness of sheep, so young cattle mated on her day.

On this day, as on March Day, mummers walk along the streets. They go home. So do not be afraid, opening the door to a bell or knock and seeing three, or even seven children who have painted their faces and clothes are not quite ordinary. They just want to sing you a song and in return get treats.

Kadrin came to Estonia with Christianity in the 12th century. Then the autumn work festival was replaced on the day of memory of St. Katarina ( Kadri ).

On this day, it was customary to wear white or light clothes. For Estonians, this day has always paid tribute to traditions and foundations.

It was believed that on this day one can judge the weather in the future:

— if there was a thaw on this day, then on Andres Day ( November 30 ) it will be cold;

— if there was a strong wind or storm on Kadrin's day, then it was considered good weather by Christmas;

— on this day autumn passes into winter;

— what weather is November 25th, the same will be on Day of Candles ( February 2 ).

People in the old days believed that on this day you can’t hide, sew and cut sheep. On Kadrin’s day, it was impossible to cook chicken soup, it was believed that otherwise chickens would eat all the cabbage.