Angel Virgin Day in Costa Rica (02/08)

The Day of the Angelic Virgin (Día de la Virgen de los Ángeles), or Our Lady of the Angels, celebrated annually on August 2, is a very important religious holiday. The figurine of the Virgin is located in the Basilica Church in the city of Cartago, in the old capital of Costa Rica. The city is located 23 kilometers from San Jose.

People go to the church service in this city on foot, for this they leave the house the day before, and those who live far away go even three or four days. Many ride horses or bicycles, rollerblading. The most committed walk the last meters in front of the church on their knees. The most amazing and mystical sight is a large column of people walking along the highway at night.

On this day, the highway, of course, is closed to traffic. The highway is lit for almost its entire length, all kinds of snacks are sold on the roadsides, people let pilgrims into their toilets for a small fee, Red Cross tents stand an equal number of kilometers away, where, if necessary, orderlies give massages and give blood pressure pills. Music is heard all along the way, cheerful voices of television commentators are heard on the radio, interviews with pilgrims are broadcast on all television channels. The young, the elderly and even the old are walking, carrying and carrying children in carriages.