Juan Santamaria Day in Costa Rica (11/04)

Juan Santamaría Day, celebrated in Costa Rica every year on April 11, is a historical holiday in honor of the 1856 war against American filibusters. It is celebrated mainly in schools and colleges, holding festive events with the introduction of flags, the singing of hymns and the recitation of poetry.

Primary school students are preparing dramatizations of Juan's heroic feat, when he ran with a lit torch, set fire to the house in which the enemies were hiding, and then died with honor and dignity.

Juan Santamaria (August 29, 1831 – April 11, 1856) was a national hero of Costa Rica. It was on the day of his heroic death, April 11, that the national holiday of Juan Santamaria Day was established in the country.

Also in memory of Juan Santamaria there are statues in the park named after him in the central canton of Alajuela and in front of the congress in San José. The name of the hero is also the international airport of Costa Rica.