Twelfth night (31/12)

Yule ends on the twelfth night. The twelfth night is the night of the birth of a new year, a new life cycle.

On the twelfth night, the gates of the worlds are opened, and all their inhabitants gather at the Yule celebration site to greet the new life with a merry feast. It is believed that this is the most peaceful time of the year, when even evil spirits are worthy of respect, greetings and festive treats.

There is a belief that the candles in the Yule wreath should burn all night. The burning of candles, their light and warmth will bring happiness and good luck to the house.

The day after Twelfth Night was considered the "Day of Fate". The new, returned sun again stands above the horizon, the day is added. Everything that was said and done before sunset determined all the events of the coming year. From here, perhaps, the well-known saying was led - how you meet the New Year, so you will spend it.

It was believed that there were no more sure signs than those that were revealed during the Twelfth Night. By the way, the words that were spoken on the Twelfth Night have the greatest power.