Information and Press Day of Kyrgyzstan (07/11)

The professional holiday of all workers in the media, radio and television, printing, publishing, book trade in Kyrgyzstan - the Day of Information and Press - was established by Decree of the Government of the Republic No. 527 of November 1, 1993 on the day the first issue of the national newspaper "Erkin Too" was published ( now "Kyrgyz Tuusu") - November 7, 1924.

The emergence of periodicals in Kyrgyzstan falls on 1913, when representatives of the progressive Russian intelligentsia founded and published Przhevalsky rural owner in the amount of 16-18 pages, with a circulation of 1,000 copies, in which agricultural materials were published. After the release of 4 issues, the issue of the magazine was discontinued. However, this edition remained the first printed edition in the history of Kyrgyzstan.

On November 7, 1924, the first issue of the Erkin Too newspaper in the Kyrgyz language was published in Tashkent. It was signed by the Science Commission of the Kara-Kyrgyz region. E. Aliyev was the first editor of the newspaper. This issue published an article by E. Arabaev, Chairman of the Commission on Science, which determined the historical significance of the newspaper, A. Tokombaev's poem "Oktyabrdyn kelgen kezi", other articles and various information. S. Karachev was appointed the executive secretary of the newspaper, editorial staff were M. Salikhov, K. Karasaev, M. Akmatov, S. Tleubergenov, who by that time had been educated in Tashkent.