Day of Russian Science (08/02)

Every year on February 8, the Russian scientific community celebrates its professional holiday - the Day of Russian Science, established by decree of the President of the Russian Federation in 1999.

(January 28) On February 8, 1724, the Academy of Sciences was founded in Russia by decree of the ruling Senate by order of Peter I. In 1925, it was renamed the USSR Academy of Sciences, and in 1991, the Russian Academy of Sciences.

On June 7, 1999, by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 717, the Day of Russian Science was established with the date of celebration on February 8. The Decree states that the holiday was established: "taking into account the outstanding role of domestic science in the development of the state and society, following historical traditions and in commemoration of the 275th anniversary of the founding of the Academy of Sciences in Russia."