The day of the conclusion of the Tartu Treaty in Estonia (02/02)

The Day of the Treaty of Tartu (Tartu rahulepingu aastapäev) is an important date in the history of the country. The holiday is celebrated every year by flying the national flag and some events dedicated to the date.

On February 2, 1920, in the Estonian city of Tartu, a peace treaty (Peace of Tartu) was signed between Estonia and the communist government of Soviet Russia, which officially ended the Estonian War of Independence. The treaty recognized the sovereignty of the Republic of Estonia, and also contained provisions for territorial concessions to Finland.

The conclusion of the treaty in Tartu was preceded by some historical events: the occupation of Tartu by German troops from February to November 1918, the occupation of the city by the Red Army from December 1918 to January 1919, and subsequently, on January 14, 1919, the liberation of Tartu by Estonian troops.