Nation Day in Argentina — Anniversary of the First Independent Government (25/05)

On May 25, Argentina celebrates one of the big public holidays — Nation Day ( Day of the Nation ).

This day is also called the Day of the May Revolution ( Revolution of May ), emphasizing in May 1810 the first government independent of Spain was created by revolutionary means.

Argentina was a colony of Spain until the metropolis itself was captured by the Napoleon army. It was worth the news of this to reach America, as the Viceroy urged the Argentines to remain faithful to the Spanish crown. In response, the crowd surrounded the Palace of the Buenos Aires City Council and forced the deputies to resign the Viceroy and then resign themselves.

From that moment, the — junta, the first independent government formed from Argentines, began to rule in the capital of Argentina. No one in those days suspected that independence would have to be defended with weapons in their hands for 15 years, and the country would face not only independence, but also great difficulties.

Currently, in honor of the holiday, various solemn and recreational events and mass celebrations are taking place throughout the country.