Flag Day in Argentina (20/06)

Flag Day (Dia de la Bandera) is celebrated in Argentina on June 20 - the day of the death of the flag designer - Manuel Belgran (June 3, 1770 - June 20, 1820) and has been an official holiday since 1938.

Belgran's hometown of Rosario hosts Flag Week, culminating in events on June 20 related to Flag Day. In Rosario, there is also a huge monument to the Argentine flag.

History reference. In May 1810, the Argentine independence movement began to use blue and white cockades. On February 18, 1812, the national cockade was officially approved. A few days later, a flag in these colors was established.

The blue and white colors on the flag symbolize, respectively, the sky and snow of the Andes. In 1818, the image of the sun was added to the flag. This May sun (Sole de Mayo) is the national symbol of Argentina. This symbol recalls the appearance of the sun in a cloudy sky on May 25, 1810, when the first mass popular demonstration in support of independence took place.