General San Martin's Day in Argentina (15/08)

Every year on the third Monday of August, Argentina celebrates a national holiday - the anniversary of the memory of the hero of the struggle for the independence of Argentina from the Spanish colonialists (1810-1826), General José de San Martin (San Martín Day).

The national hero of Argentina, Chile and Peru, general, army commander Francisco de San Martín y Matorras (José Francisco de San Martín y Matorras) was born on February 25, 1778 in the small town of Argentina, Yapeyu.

Soon the family moved to Spain, where at the age of 7 the boy was enrolled in a prestigious seminary in Madrid. However, in 1789, San Martin dropped out of the seminary and went to serve in the Spanish royal army, despite the displeasure of his parents. Soon after recruiting, he goes on a military campaign in Africa.