Great Thursday at Western Christians (14/04)

Great Thursday, also called Good Thursday or Clean Thursday, — Thursday of Holy Week ( the last six days of Great Lent preceding Easter ), the first day of Easter celebrations ( Easter Trimming ). On this day, the Last Supper and the establishment by Jesus Christ of the sacrament of the Eucharist — Holy Communion is recalled.

And when they ate, Jesus took the bread and, having blessed, broke it and, distributing it to the disciples, said: Accept, eat: This is My Body. And taking the cup and thanking, he gave them and said: Drink everything from it, for this is My Blood of the New Testament, for many poured out into the remission of sins. ( Matthew 26: 26-27 )

In the morning, in the cathedral, the bishops serve the special mass of the consecration of the world. Priests during this mass update the vows they brought during ordination.

In the evening, the mass of the memory of the Last Supper is served, during which priests conduct a rite of washing the legs of parishioners.

Then ( Jesus ) poured water into the washbasin and began to wash the feet of the students and wipe the towel that was cast. Approaches Simon Peter, and he says to Him: « Lord! Do you wash my legs? ». Jesus answered him: « What I do, now you do not know, but you will understand after ». ( Gospel of John 13: 5-7 )

During this mass after the anthem « Glory to God above » the organ and bells that are not used until Easter are pushed off.

The Holy Gifts ( Bread and Wine ) are transferred with procession through the temple to a place prepared in one of the chapels, where they are stored until the next day, which symbolizes the arrest and detention of Christ. The procession is led by a minister with a cross, and ministers with a cadil and candles go before the Holy Gifts.

After the Great Thursday, the consecration of Bread and Wine is not performed until Easter, and Holy Gifts consecrated on Great Thursday are used for communion.