Memorial Day of the victims of the Greek Operation NKVD (15/12)

On the evening of December 15, when the sun sets, all the Greeks, whose relatives fell into the millstones of the “Greek operation” of 1937-1938, were arrested for political reasons before or after, light memorial candles in their homes and apartments.

The result of the "Greek operation" was the execution of almost 20 thousand people. All of them, as well as those who were sent to the death camps, have been rehabilitated today. But the burial places of the vast majority of the Greeks are still unknown, whose descendants do not even know where they "bring two cloves."

In Russia, the time of the 1930s was turbulent. The young Soviet Russia had not yet recovered from the horror of the revolution and civil war, and Stalin, who was at the helm of power, saw a threat to the USSR both from other countries and within the Soviet Republic itself. Therefore, the 1930s went down in the history of the country not only with mass dekulakization, but also with “national purges”.