Day of Kyrgyz Radio and Television Workers (08/12)

Professional holiday — Day of employees of radio and television of the Kyrgyz Republic — is established by the Decree of the Government of the Republic № 566 dated December 23, 1995. The date of celebration — December 8, — was chosen due to the fact that on this day in 1958 the first television program on Kyrgyz television was aired.

By a resolution of the Executive Committee of the Kyrgyz SSR of December 1, 1931, the Republican Committee on Broadcasting under the Communications Department of the Republic was created, and in May 1932 he was transferred to the Central Executive Committee of the Kyrgyz SSR.

The committee organized and coordinated broadcasting throughout the republic, controlled the ideological and political level, artistic and technical quality of broadcasts, carried out the development of the material and technical base, distribution of the radio network and training.

The main content of the broadcasts included daily information about the events, coverage of industrial and agricultural production, stories about the winners of socialist competition and drummers of labor. Famous singers, musicians, poets, storytellers and talented representatives of folk art were involved in working on the radio.

Transmissions were conducted in Kyrgyz, Russian and Dungan. Their daily volume was more than 9 hours, with more than 5 hours allocated to republican broadcasts, about 4 hours — for broadcasting programs of the All-Union Radio from Moscow.

In December 1958, the Bishkek television studio was commissioned with a 194-meter tower and transceiver antennas attached to it. And on December 8, 1958, the first television program on Kyrgyz TV was released.

In the socio-political and cultural life of the republic, the historical event — began its own republican television broadcasting. At first, the television studio was broadcast only 4 times a week, the duration of the daily program was one hour, the broadcasts were broadcast in black and white and were in Kyrgyz and Russian. By 1979, daily broadcasting of Kyrgyz television became available to almost all settlements in Kyrgyzstan.

Today, the reception and transmission of television programs of Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek television is carried out using various structures of radio relay and space communication lines, the country's main channel broadcasts around the clock, and there are informational, social, in the broadcasting network, political and cultural-entertainment programs.