Liberation Day of the Egyptian army of Port Said (23/12)

Every year on December 23, Egypt celebrates the anniversary of the withdrawal of British, French and Israeli troops from the country in 1956. This day has become one of the national holidays and was named Port Said's National Day, which commemorates the city where the most massive hostilities unfolded.

Port Said is a city in the north-eastern part of Egypt, located on the Mediterranean coast, at the northern entrance to the Suez Canal. The population of the city exceeds 500 thousand people. Port Said is a kind of sea gate of Egypt. The city was founded in 1859 and named after Said Pasha, who at that time was the ruler of Egypt.

The economic base of the city is fishing and industry: the production of chemicals, food processing, and the production of cigarettes. Port Said is also the starting point for Egyptian exports of cotton and rice.