Sinai Liberation Day in Egypt (25/04)

April 25 is a public holiday in Egypt - Sinai Liberation Day.

Sinai is Egypt and not Egypt at the same time. Actually, Egypt is the agricultural regions of the valley and the delta of the Nile. And here - the desert, with rare tiny oases and wells, sands in the north and mountains in the south. By the way, it will be said that Sinai, unlike the rest of Egypt, lies in Asia, and not in Africa.

The Sinai Peninsula begins immediately after the Suez Canal - just some 120 kilometers from Cairo. But for centuries it was considered a distant periphery. The Egyptians, with their peasant habits, could not understand what benefit could be derived from 60 thousand square kilometers of sand and stone: no water, no arable land. The honor of the "second discovery" of Sinai belongs to ... the Israelites.