All-Ukrainian Psychologist's Day (23/04)

Human life is very unpredictable and stormy. Whether you are a politician, a businessman, a doctor or a housewife - in your life, along with positive emotions, moments of disappointment are inevitable, the result of which can be negative actions. Sometimes it is difficult for a person to bear the weight of these problems on his shoulders, and he can lose hope, faith in himself, and most importantly, his health.

The wise advice of experienced specialists - psychologists, whose professional holiday - the All-Ukrainian Day of the Psychologist - is celebrated in Ukraine on April 23, helps to avoid this.

Jean Piaget (1896-1980), one of the prominent psychologists of the last century, predicted that psychology would become one of the leading sciences in the 21st century. This statement will sound even more significant if we remember that psychology received official recognition less than a century and a half ago - in 1879, the German psychologist W. Wundt opened the first experimental psychology laboratory in Leipzig.