Mother's Day in Arab countries (21/03)

Arab countries in the Middle East (Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Bahrain) celebrate Mother's Day on March 21st. This is a day of remembrance for mothers, when their work and selfless sacrifice for the benefit of their children is paid tribute.

The history of this holiday is as follows - in 1910, the governor of West Virginia declared Mother's Day. In the same year, Oklahoma began to celebrate this holiday. By 1911, each state had its own customs for celebrating Mother's Day. Some time later, the list of countries celebrating Mother's Day was replenished with countries: Mexico, Canada, China, Japan, South America and some African countries.

On December 12, 1912, the International Mother's Day Association was formed with the aim of spreading a conscious celebration of this day. Today, many countries celebrate the national Mother's Day at different times of the year.