Lebanon Independence Day (22/11)

On November 22, Lebanon celebrates one of the most significant national holidays - Independence Day (arab. عيد الإستقلال‎). This day became a festive and at the same time a memorable date in honor of the liberation of the country from the French mandate, carried out over the Lebanese lands for more than 23 years.

In 1920, the French-British Conference was held in San Remo, Italy, which resulted in the French mandate (from Latin mandatum - an assignment, a document confirming authority). It spread to the territory of modern Lebanon, Syria and the Turkish province of Hatay, the powers of France were approved by the League of Nations in September 1923.

On November 8, 1943, the Lebanese Parliament removed from the Lebanese Constitution the articles limiting the country's sovereignty. In response, the French authorities arrested President Bishar al-Khouri and Prime Minister Riad al-Solha, then dissolved Parliament and announced the termination of the Constitution.