Independence Day of Jamaica (06/08)

Every year on August 6, Jamaica celebrates the national holiday - Independence Day, established in honor of the anniversary of Jamaica's independence from Great Britain in 1962. This day is marked in the country with nationwide festivities, festive events and fireworks.

In ancient times, Jamaica was inhabited by Indians. The new history of Jamaica began on May 5, 1498, when Christopher Columbus set foot on its shore during his second journey. Then in Jamaica (the natives called it "Hamaika") lived more than a hundred thousand Arawak Indians.

Columbus renamed Jamaica Santiago, and the Spanish crown granted him the title of Marquis of Jamaica, which was then inherited in his family. Aborigines gradually died out from overwork, diseases brought by the Spaniards and longing for the former free life, preferring to drink poisonous casava juice. And therefore, already in 1517, the first slaves from Africa were brought here - it was necessary to grow sugar cane.