National Heroes Day in Jamaica (17/10)

National Heroes' Day in Jamaica is celebrated annually on the third Monday in October. This is a day of honoring all national heroes and important historical figures of the country.

The Order of National Hero is awarded to citizens of Jamaica for outstanding services to the country - the merits of the most significant character for Jamaica. The order is part of the Jamaican award system, which was established in 1969.

The badge of the order is a gold twelve-pointed star with pointed rays covered with white enamel and gold balls at the ends. In the center of the badge is a round black enamel medallion with a green enamel border. In the center of the medallion there is a gold relief coat of arms of Jamaica. On the border in gold letters is the motto of the order "HE BUILT A CITY WHICH HATH FOUNDATIONS". Between the two upper rays of the star is a laurel wreath consisting of two branches covered with green enamel. A ring is attached to the wreath, with the help of which the sign is attached to the ribbon. The ribbon of the order is yellow with a wide green stripe in the center, burdened with black stripes.

On this day, celebrations are held throughout the island in honor of the heroes. Jamaica is famous for its heroes. Albeit a few! There are only seven of them and among them are such well-known figures as a fighter for human rights Marcus Garvey (Marcus Garvey) and a politician, the first Prime Minister Alexander Bustamante (Alexander Bustamante). All of them are leaders and important historical figures who have made significant contributions to Jamaican culture.

Many Jamaicans advocate that the legendary reggae artist Bob Marley (Bob Marley, 1945 - 1981) - a bard, the first Jamaican musician who achieved world fame and recognition, entered the number of honored heroes.