San Juan Bautista in Ecuador (24/06)

The Fiesta de San Juan Bautista is held annually in the town of Otavalo (Ecuador). It represents ritual actions performed in honor of Mother Earth (Pachamama), during which the city is literally buried in the noise of the holiday.

The festival of San Juan Bautista is very ancient, according to some estimates, it originates even before the era of the Inca Empire, that is, before the 11th century AD. In terms of content, San Juan Bautista is similar to the Slavic holiday of Ivan Kupala.

Like the Slavic holiday, the Ecuadorian festival celebrates the summer solstice, and the modern date is associated with the Nativity of John the Baptist. San Juan - Saint John.

The main heroes of the holiday are local men. They dress in women's dresses, skirts, and various other costumes, some of which are quite amazing. In these robes, men begin to walk along the streets and dance, moving from one house to another. The dance ends when the procession reaches the San Juan Chapel. One of the spectacular episodes of the holiday are the battles imitating ancient battles.